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Why visit Bulgaria?

7,000 years of Thracian, Hellenic, Roman and Bulgarian culture and history
Visiting the historical landmarks of Bulgaria you can experience the aesthetic joy of becoming acquainted with the artifacts of past generations which are important part of the world civilization. With more than 40,000 cultural and historical monuments Bulgaria ranks third, only after Greece and Italy, for the number of its archaeological monuments. . . 

Bulgaria - The valley of roses 
The world's perfume and cosmetics industry could not do without the Bulgarian attar of roses - the Bulgarian oleaginous rose yields 80% of the world's production. 2,000 flowers are needed for just 1 single gram of the precious attar of roses whose price equals that of gold! 
An original Bulgarian technology for rose planting was gradually developed and adopted as a general practice in the past. No other cultivation method has been able to preserve the character of the rose almost unchanged for over three centuries. This fact explains why there were no attempts at cultivating other rose varieties in the Rose Valley. The technology proved to be so good that rose bushes were even exported to the Russian and the Turkish empires of the time. 

Superb wines with oldest history in Europe - Wine - tradition carried through millennium
Historically Bulgarian wine can be traced back to ancient Thrace and the Greek god of wine 'Dionysus'. Man's first wine ever may have fermented in the Bulgarian lands. Viticulture and wine producing in the lands of present-day Bulgaria are dating back to 6,000 BC! It is only in Bulgaria, that the wine of the ancient Thracian is still produced and drunk - the full-bodied red Mavrud. The Mavrud vine grows only in this region of Bulgaria and nowhere else. 

Rich Culture and traditions 
Beauty is part of the Bulgarian heart and soul, and the Bulgarian people have a tradition of working to create beauty. Architecture, house interior and tools, dances, and crafts - all of these harmoniously combine colors and sounds, warmth and comfort. Customs, rites, national costumes, and songs are specific to each region, but are united by the 13-century history and have helped the preservation of the Bulgarian national spirit throughout the centuries. Bulgarians are skill full with textile, clay, wood, stone, and metal. Nature is present in the bright colors of hand-made fabrics and vessels.

Full of beauty, gaiety and a healthy love of life, the Bulgarian festivals and customs date back to ancient times when mail tried to appease the natural elements and trembled before their power. They exceeds the number of 11,000 - a plenitude of customs accompanying Bulgarian people's lives from the cradle to the grave. 

Bulgarian springtime festivals are associated with different rituals and magic rites intended to stimulate growth in nature so as to ensure bountiful crops, to protect people from diseases and the evil influence of the mythical beings, to stave off natural disasters, and to secure a suitable match and a happy married life to young people.

A walkers' paradise
Thousands of kilometers of spectacular peaks, ski slopes and crystal-clear blue lakes. Mineral springs and bio reserves, forested valleys carrying the aroma of herbs and wild fruit. Quick-flowing rivers and stream-side meadows, marvelous gorges and caves, century-old pine and oak. Small picturesque villages with living traditions and folklore… 
Every Bulgarian mountain has its own characteristic appearance, fascination and beautiful name and it's a perfect place to spend your winter holidays

Summer dreams 
With sparkling ripples, long sunny days and the welcoming climate from late May to late September with average sea temperatures of 25C, the beaches with fine golden sands, and the modern resorts, Bulgaria not surprisingly attract more and more tourists. The Black Sea coast is also one of the best spa areas in the country where the combination of sea climate, mineral baths, hot springs, and curative mud adds to the possibilities of holiday enjoyment. Scuba diving, water-skiing and paragliding are just some of the water sports on offer in the resorts. No matter which beach you choose to visit on this 378 kilometers coast, you're almost guaranteed it will be postcard-perfect. 

Extensive night life
Once the sun goes down nighttime excitement goes up. The "where to go" question is only natural... With fancy interiors, floor shows, original dance floors, appropriate atmosphere, menu and sophisticated services - Bulgarian exotic restaurants, bars and night clubs are cool places to visit. 

Hospitable and multilingual population 
Enjoy contacts with friendly and welcoming people. You will find that hospitality is one of the distinctive qualities of Bulgarian people. Do not be surprised if you find Bulgarian people readily helpful, warm and welcoming. They smiled easily and seemed to appreciate their friends, family and leisure time. They will sing and dance with you. 

Spicy, delicious and healthy food 
The variety in Bulgarian cuisine is based on the long history of the country, as well as on the long-lasting migrations of the tribes that founded Bulgaria more than 1300 years ago. Indeed, who would not like the abundance of fresh vegetables and fruits, juicy meat, grilled or served with piquant sauces, mouth-watering vegetarian dishes, simmered slowly on low heat, the banitsa (cheese pie) which simply melts in your mouth, and famous Bulgarian yogurt which is a unique product. (The preparation technology is based on the Lactobacterium Bulgaricum bacteria that grow nowhere else in the world.) ? 
If you go to the country, good food will be just a part of what you'll be impressed by. Because, above all, Bulgaria is a state of traditions. And whatever you eat, you'll be told that it is a part of a particular custom, i.e. if the meal is on the menu, it's just because it is on the custom. 

Affordable prices 
The cost of living is significantly lower than other European countries, with a dinner for two costing about 7 Euros (5 pounds sterling) and a pint for 0.70 Euros (50p). Top quality ski chalets, hotels, and complexes are being built to facilitate the new influx of skiers, all at amazingly affordable prices. A ski chalet in the center of Bulgaria's ski resorts can be bought for a quarter of the price of a similar chalet in France or Italy. For the sun and sea, the Black Sea coast offers some of the best in rest and relaxation at affordable prices. Very affordable. VAT-back on shopping Shopping here is a must, with everything from the latest fashions to Bulgarian handicrafts sold at reasonable prices. Plenty of Western-style shops rub shoulders with the more traditional places. Visit an outdoor market for a taste of local life, where peasants peddle their wares of fruits, nuts and herbs. They'll expect you to haggle so don't hold back! 
VAT-back on conference expenses. High standard dentists and surgical treatments, cosmetic surgery at low prices and good investment yields.

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